City asks people to be patient and yield to plows

Published on: 3/2/2011

Yielding to snowplows is a matter of safety and allows for quicker cleanup on city streets.
Some people shoveling out have tried to prevent plows from pushing more snow onto their property by standing in the driveway.
“Please be patient to wait for the plow to finish its job; then you can begin clearing snow from your property,” said Mike Kreiter, public works operations superintendent.
The department has received complaints about snowplows driving too fast through neighborhoods, but it’s the size of the truck coupled with the flashing lights and scraping noise that give that perception, he said.
There have been issues following recent snowfalls when impatient drivers have tried to pass snowplows or followed closely behind them, Kreiter said. This was especially true earlier this week when the timing of the snowfall required plows to hit the streets during the morning commute.
“The plows are deemed emergency vehicles and having flashing lights to show that,” Kreiter said.
Driving too close to them could cause a crash or vehicle damage from flying snow and salt. Motorists need to stay 75 feet behind a plow on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less and 200 feet behind a plow on higher-speed roads.