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Deer Camp - Day Four

Deer Camp, Hunt'n, Hunt Camp Humor

The paper today says that the preliminary count for the opening weekend is 106,404 deer killed.  That represents an increase of 6.3% over last year.  952 deer were harvested in Door County.  5 of those were from our camp.  The paper also said that the Department of Natural Resources is under intense pressure from Republican lawmakers.

Am I to understand that it is the responsibility of big government to deliver bigger and better hunts? 

I get all tingly just thinking about how good it's going to be once the promised Deer Trustee is finished taking the politics out the woods and putting the deer back in.  I will definitely have to purchase an additional freezer.

My pal Smokey Joe had a great hunt.  Check out this monster buck that he shot-


Girlfriend and I went for a walk today.  It is a sunny 25 degrees.  The crazy pooch busted through a skim of ice on the pond to take a swim.  We fetched the memory card from the trail camera.

I'm not superstitious but is it possible for deer ghosts to be found in the woods?

Finally I wish to share with you a cool tip that you can try out for yourself at your own deer camp.

Lawyer brought a bottle of doe in estrus urine to deer camp this year.  He was figuring that if he put this in the woods he would lure a big buck into his sights. 

We all suggested that he simply slap it on his face and neck just like Old Spice after shave.

Anyway, he forgot to purchase the felt wicks to dip into the bottle of deer pee for purposes of actually making use of it.  He figured it out though.  He found some tampons in the upstairs bathroom and simply dipped them into the bottle.  They soaked it up just fine.  He also wants you to know that they have a handy loop for hanging on tree branches.

I have to go now. This is the nicest the weather has been in two days.

Update 5:05 PM

An absolutely fantastic afternoon!

Didn't see a single deer.

But I did see a bunch of Black-capped chickadees.  About a dozen of them were hanging out with me in my tree.  Not one of them would  set still long enough for a picture.  What a curious and busy bird.  (Note to self - bring a handful of bird seed next time out).

I also watched a spectacular sunset-

One solo shot heard while walking home.

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