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Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Deer Camp

Deer Camp, Hunt'n

So, who got shot?

Big John presses the subject - You live over there, who was it that got shot?

Jill and I were visiting our up-north neighbors yesterday after the Packer game and the buzz around the township was who got shot opening weekend.

So far there's only rumors - but what I know is that four hunters conducting a deer drive in a swampy slough not too far from our deer camp had an accident.  One of them was shot in the thigh by a member of the same hunting party.

A couple of weeks ago I took more than a little bit of heat from some knuckleheads over at a hunting discussion board for calling out some individuals who were talking smack about firearm safety

Why a small clique of grown men would joke and poke fun of a reminder about firearm safety is beyond me. 

There is hardly nothing in my life that keeps me awake at nights more than the notion that one of my hunting party might be injured (or befall a worse fate) by the careless use of a firearm.

Which is why I get edgy about the subject.

It may sound like a cliché - but safe hunting is no accident.

Lawyer and I had a discussion before the opener about maybe putting a ground blind or two in some prime hunting spots up at the farm.  We decided against the idea.  Sure, someone might have missed the opportunity to take a big buck from a concealed location - but we figured it was better to have everyone in an elevated and visible platform shooting in a downward trajectory.

As it turned-out the only injury suffered in our camp was when Wise Guy tumbled-off his bar stool and smacked his head leaving a big divot in the wall.  It certainly didn't effect his aim as he shot two deer the next day.

This year's gun season sounds like one of the safest in about three and a half decades.

It occurred to me the other evening that our deer camp has manifested an interesting anomaly.  It is populated by a bunch of lefties.

We knew it!.  There's the proof!  You are nothing but a bunch of spineless leftists!  Ha!

Hardly the case.  I'm speaking of left handed individuals.  Almost half the camp are southpaws.  They shoot left handed firearms.  Considering that maybe 15% of the population are lefties that would mean that those left handed, bolt-action deer rifles stacked in the garage make our camp's armory more expensive than most others.

Not that any of this is important.  It just struck me as odd.

But what else is new.

There's more hunting to come so check back periodically to see what's happening in our camp.

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