There Is Your Dagger!

Published on: 1/15/2011

I snapped this shot of Aaron Rodgers leaving a Packer practice in August of 2007.

At the time I didn't quite appreciate his status as the heir-apparent.  

That turned-out to be Bert Pevre's last season with the Packer organization.  In retrospect it's a good thing Ted Thompson recognized talent and class in a replacement QB. 

Wayne Larrivee's oft-repeated phrase was repeated again tonight as the Packers man-handled the number one seeded Atlanta Falcons.

How about that Rodgers.

Passing for three touchdowns and running for another.

And Tramon Williams.

A couple of interceptions and a return to the end zone.

Pardon the pun - but the the NFL 2011 Pro Bowl dropped the ball snubbing this talent. 

The Packer tree will remain on the porch until the Lombardi Trophy is returned to its rightful home.

Don't mess with the Ju Ju.