Digging Out

Published on: 2/2/2011

Old neighborhoods have their charm for sure.

Our old 1921 Tosa bungalow is ideally situated.  Walking distance to the parkway, the Rotary Stage, three grocery stores and all sorts of pubs and restaurants.

It's also a cozy neighborhood.  We're all packed-in cheek by jowl.  Under the best of circumstances more than a few of us are challenged to back a full-sized vehicle down the driveway tucked between the houses.

And where do you go with all of the snow?

You blow it toward the front and towards the back.  Then everyone joins-in and piles it on the postage-stamp sized front and back yards.

I've got a nice chest-high pile in the front.

And a four-foot deep pile in the back.

If there's any additional accumulation I'll have a good start on my own glacier.