No Gloating in Packer Nation

Published on: 2/7/2011

Isn't it just grand to be a Packer fan?

Life is slowly returning to normal here in Packer Nation now that the Lombardi Trophy has returned to its rightful home in Titletown, USA. 

Did you know that Aaron Rogers has won more play-off games since January 9th of this year as old whatshisname won in his last decade of play with the Packer organization? That is something worth feeling good about. 

Maybe we have the nascent beginnings of another dynastic Packer team in the works. 

Which is why I'm not going to gloat over the dagger that Tramon Williams delivered when he broke-up Big Ben's pass to Mike Wallace with less than a minute left in yesterday's big game. 

I'm satisfied with the lucky thirteenth title. 

I'm also satisfied that the Packer Tree, the Mighty Packer flag, the Packer yard sign, the Packer Mardi Gras beads, the pom poms, the foam noodles, Jill's Packer feather boa, her lucky LeRoy Butler jersey, my raggedy old Packer shirt,  the ritualistic placement of Bother-In-Law's Packer hats, even the green and gold deviled eggs all contributed to the Ju Ju that brought the trophy home.  Therefore, there will be no gloating.  That would be sinful and might invite a curse or a jinx.

So, are you going to take down your Packer Tree from the porch and mulch it?  It's been up since right after Thanksgiving and must be losing it's needles all over the place after all.

I thought someone would ask about that.  Which is why I checked with the brains of the organization about that very same matter.

Jill says to tell you that the tree is going to remain on the porch.  It's not dropping any needles (at least seriously) and unless the city makes us take it down for some sort of obscure zoning violation she's going to put red lights on it for Valentine's Day.  Following that she's thinking of green lights for St. Patrick's Day.  Gosh knows what she might do if it survives to Easter.