Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat

Published on: 2/19/2011

It's time to re-boot the old blog brain.

Did any of you pay attention to this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?  If you did, you might have taken note that the most popular breed in the USA was again snubbed in the competition.

Yes.  The Labrador retriever.  As a matter of fact - no Labrador retriever has ever won Westminster's Best of Show.

I discussed this with Girlfriend and she wants you to know that she is not offended by this rude insult.  To her it is all so much water off a duck's back.  She's happy to do all the heavy lifting with the rest of the working breeds and leave the limelight to the fluffy, the odd and the ordinary lapdogs.

Speaking of lapdogs I have a day job.  Thus, I hardly ever have an opportunity to listen to daytime angry radio.  However, Friday found me on the road which afforded me the almost unprecedented opportunity to listen to most of Charlie Sykes' man-crush on the Governor.  Just between you and me I think he peed himself.

How about that new Governor?

I had dinner with a Wisconsin business executive Friday evening and he hypothesized that there are probably more than a few blue collar types that wish they had a mulligan on the gubernatorial election.

You may agree or disagree with the Governor's proposal to eviscerate the collective bargaining powers of public employee unions but to couch this solely as a solution to solving the state's budget woes is a wee bit misleading.  I think the Governor wants Wisconsin to be a 'right to work' state.  In which case he should stop mincing around the subject and come clean.  Man-up dude.

I double-dare him to say – I am the boss now.  I have lived for this day.  And once and for all I am going to crush the unions.  I am going to crush you like bugs!   Bwahahahaha.  There is your dagger!

Speaking of cojones, what's this nonsense about legislating one set of bargaining rules for unionized fire and police and another set of rules for everyone else?

Unless I am mistaken I think I heard that the governor said he could not risk public safety by potential ‘job actions’ from public safety employees.

Is the Governor pandering?  Or does the Governor have a pusillanimous streak that heretofore has not manifested itself? 

Am I alone in thinking that fearless leaders should be consistent?

Good grief.

Speaking of notable leaders - I heard that the constitutional scholar and Republican intellectual luminary Joe the Plumber was in Madison to demonstrate his support for the Governor.  I know if I had more than 60,000 people demonstrating around my castle I’d want Joe covering my back.

Regrettably, Sarah Palin's busy schedule did not afford her the opportunity to travel to Mad Town.

To her glassy-eyed disciples she said - Please don't be taken in by union bosses.

As long as we're on the subject of distinguished intellectuals I was watching The Late Show the other night and Paris Hilton was the guest. She was celebrating her (gasp) 30th birthday.  Just like Joe the Plumber and Governor Palin - Ms. Hilton always has something extraordinarily cerebral to share with her audience of glassy-eyed disciples.

She said - I am in an amazing relationship

I am comforted by this cornucopia of profound thoughts.  American culture continues to advance.  Crazy, eh?

Judging from the craziness in the capitol you’d think the circus came to town and some sideshow conjurer caused ordinarily intellectual individuals to lose their heads.

Paul Ryan thinks there are riots.  To which I would reply – That’s silly. You’ll know you have a real riot on your hands when the National Guard and their Humvees are in charge of maintaining civil order.  

That’s not the end to the craziness.  The Tosa GOP issued a breathless communiqué last evening bemoaning the plight of Senator Vukmir, Representative Kooyenga and Governor Walker.

They are being threatened and subjected to constant crowds, noise, vandalism and blocked restrooms. What are you going to do to support him?

Pardon me.  Are you sure you’re not confusing this with game day at Lambeau Field?  Girlfriend says to get a grip.  Water off a duck’s back you know.

Am I the only person to have all sorts of Old Testament metaphors muddling around in their head?

Think about it.  We’ve got a pharaoh.  Fourteen members of the minority tribe have fled the kingdom only to find themselves wandering in the flatland.  And pharaoh’s high priest has ordered the temple guards to seek-out those who now wander the flatland, capture them, truss them-up and return them to the Promised Land that is open for business.  Please pass the lamb's blood.

Such drama.  Is there no role for Brett Favre?

In closing I wish to share with you a health care tip.

Stock-up on pain medication.  Ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, whatever.  I’m not taking any chances so I refilled a prescription for vicodin.  Nothing like having a strong narcotic on hand because there is going to be a boatload of pain going around very soon.

If you think the fracas in Madison is a big deal just you wait until the pain of shared revenue cuts arrives in Tosa Town.  There will be your dagger!

The impact of that should be sinking home by midsummer.  Right about when certain people on our City Council plan to revisit the subject of giving our Mayor a big fat pay raise.

Thank you for indulging this stream of consciousness.  I feel better already.