Anybody Else Disappointed With Wisconsin Government?

Published on: 3/6/2011

If you allowed yourself to - it would be easy to get upset, disturbed or angry over the circus in Madison.

Speaking for myself - I’m disappointed.

When the Governor got punked by that blogger with a crank phone call - Scott Walker’s standing in my eyes was astonishingly diminished.  Did he sound full of himself to anyone else?  How revealing it was to learn that he’d been thinking about Ronald Reagan firing those air traffic controllers.  Was the Governor hoping to push someone’s buttons hard enough to force a job action so he could fire someone too?

My recollection of Reagan was that he generally got what he wanted without a 'my way or the highway' approach to legislation.

I had an email exchange with a buddy recently that got me to thinking about people that flee Wisconsin for states with a friendlier income and/or property tax environment.

Does anybody believe for a moment that their income and property taxes in Wisconsin are going to go down? 

If I was Governor I would take this opportunity to revise our exceedingly antiquated state tax system to solve the budget deficit and create a friendlier environment at the same time. 

But I’m not Governor and I suppose that firing someone’s ass doesn’t appeal to my base.

So I remain disappointed.

Senate Democrats have fled and become itinerant Flatlanders.  And Senate Republicans threaten arrests.  The dangerous game of chicken continues with the stakes being raised almost daily.

Consequently nothing is accomplished.

That’s disappointing.

I heard that Michael Moore appeared in Madison.  When an overweight filmmaker talks about rousing a sleeping giant I find the irony of that statement humorous.  Which helps with coping with the disappointment.

And Republican intellectual luminary – Joe the Plumber – keeps calling me.  He called again just the other night.  The caller ID said VIRGINIA CALL.  Curious – I took it. 

Old Joe says I am to:  Stand with the Governor.

Does anybody believe for a moment that I would actually heed a robo call from Joe the Plumber?  Who do the people that pay for this stuff think I am?  An idiot?

I’m disappointed to think that Wisconsinites actually idolize people like Michael Moore and Joe the Plumber.


I’m going to continue trying hard to not let the disappointment get to me. 

I’m a new grandfather.  There is hopefully a new puppy arriving at the end of April.  The day job rolled-out an exciting new business.  And spring turkey hunting is right around the corner.  Therefore, I’m going to try to look at the bright side of life.

Warning:  You'll see and hear the 's' word.  If you have delicate sensibilities do not watch.