The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Published on: 4/5/2011

It seems like it has been raining babies lately.

My business partner and her husband recently welcomed their first child into the world.

Daughter and her husband welcomed their first too. And we cannot wait to visit and change that first dirty diaper.

It's been awhile since we've heard the pitter patter of little feet around our household so last weekend Jill and I traveled to Waunakee to visit Shamrock Acres.  Following some calls made around the Christmas holiday we were hoping for an opportunity to pick-out a Lab pup.

Another Lab?  Dude!   And Dudess!  How are you going to fit two Labs in your itty, bitty bungalow?  Are you freak'n crazy?!

This has crossed my mind.  

However, the idea germinated with my wife.  The way I figure it she will be doing most of the puppy training and therefore she is the most likely to lose her mind and go crazy first.  That will leave me with most of my marbles just in time to do the easy part which is field training.  I'm confidant it will all work out.  Which is why Jill is the brains of the organization.

Girlfriend will be turning five years of age in June.  This would be just about the half-way mark for a large breed hunting dog before age and hard work manifest their toll.  We've been thinking we should get a second pooch in the line-up.  Girlfriend has been a Shamrock success story - her Sire was Touie and her Dam was Clicker - and she is not only a hard-working hunting companion but is a welcome addition to our family.

This is Tivo.  Girlfriend's litter mate.  Her real sister. 

Tivo stayed-on at the home kennel and is going to be a mom again.  We haven't seen her in almost five years.  I think I can see the resemblance to her and Girlfriend in their faces.  Not much thereafter as Girlfriend is quite a bit more buff than her sister.  But there again she hasn't whelped any pups.  (I am told motherhood can take a toll on your figure.)  I suppose it would be really cool to have one of Tivo's pups but we've had our sights set on a yellow Lab. 

That way we'd have a black and tan.

From a different litter - check-out who might be coming home with us at the end of the month...

Looks like there'll be another gun dog in training this summer.