More 'voter, schmoter.'

Published on: 4/4/2011

Sometimes, the only thing you can say is "what she said!"

In looking for a sample ballot for the Tuesday, April 5, election (not so easy to find), I ran across an editorial by Journal Sentinel community columnist and fellow Tosan Annette Mertens. The crux:

If you don't know who's running, don't vote. Don't guess. Don't disrespect the lives of those who fought and died for this privilege by taking voting so lightly as to choose a candidate at random or just because he happens to belong to a certain party.

There are two crucial positions to fill, County Executive and Supreme Court Justice, and we are saturated with misinformation about the candidates, most of it from third party advertisers. If all you know is from ads, sensational chain emails, and robocalls, don't vote.

Oh: and here, in all its badly scanned splendor, is the sample ballot, just in time. That, too, deserves a little more care if this democracy is as important as we say it is.