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The Garden Chronicles

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Less than three weeks ago there was four inches of snow on the ground and it had been raining incessantly.  The month of April posted record amounts of precipitation on the the Door Peninsula.

 It has finally dried-out sufficiently to begin prepping the garden.

Today the girls and I cleaned all the vines, corn stalks and assorted rubbish from the garden and dumped it over at the line fence. 

Then I set to work with a new addition to my powered implements - a rear-drive garden tiller.

For years I have been using the disc-harrow mounted on the tractor's three point hitch.  I have to tell you that the tiller does a much better job of busting-up the soil and working eight bales of organic sphagnum peat moss and twelve bags of composed manure into the soil.  Right down to almost eight inches in depth.

Of course it beat the stuffings out of me.  I tilled the darn garden twice.  The first pass was the difficult one.  The second pass was much easier.

The peas are in.  As well as the spinach and the first row of green beans.  Two rows of spuds have been planted.

Here's to hoping to get the rest of the seeds in the earth next weekend.

The tomatoes and other potted stock will have to wait - just this last week there was an overnight low of thirty degrees.

I checked the journal tonight.  By next weekend I'll be two weeks behind schedule compared to last year.  On schedule compared to 2009.  I'm encouraged.

Also got a nice bit of sunburn today.


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