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Mayoral Compensation Back on Agenda

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As 2010 dawned the economy had begun a slow recovery.  The Great Recession had largely done its damage in the private sector.  The effects of which still echo throughout every last nook and cranny of the business world.  While slightly wounded - municipalities had yet to feel the real pain and bear the consequences.  You see - there was Federal stimulus money to prop-up state and local budgets. 

On Tuesday the Committee on Employee Relations is revisiting the subject of Mayoral salary and compensation for the new Mayoral term beginning April, 2012

This has been on hold since January of 2010.

Why put it off for almost a year and a half? 

I think the Committee on Employee Relations felt that by July of 2011 things would have changed.  And that deferring the matter for Council consideration to a future date would be a smart political choice.  Perhaps they were thinking that the economics would somehow be different.

When this was last discussed in early 2010 the Governor's Budget Repair Bill was but a glimmer in Scott Walker's eye. 

Sixteen months ago the City of Wauwatosa wasn't facing a possible $2.6 million budget gap.

Tosa, like many local governments, hadn't had to seriously cut, freeze, leave positions unfilled and implement reductions in-force.  

I don't know about you - but the economics today sure look different to me. 

The chickens have come home to roost and this is going to be like walking on eggs. 

I wonder how the Council is going to wield those new budget tools they have?

Edit to add:  Good attendance.  Good comments.  Good meeting.  The committee will revisit the issue in two weeks - June 28th.  Discussion continues over here.

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