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Barbecue, Gunpowder and Testosterone

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Friday - 19 August - 4 PM

Do you smell what I smell?

Smell what?

The smell of BBQ and spent powder in the air.  Testosterone too.  

Uh-oh.  Now what?

Schützenfest 2011.  Back for its third year in a row. 

The tradition of a Schützenfest came to America with German immigrants in the 1800s.  It consisted of a gathering of marksmen in an exhibition of their shooting prowess.  Traditionally there were parades, religious ceremonies, awards, feasting and singing.  It's still a big deal back in the Fatherland but not so much here in the New World.

The deer camp, fish camp and pheasant camp guys have reconvened to complete deer stand inspection and maintenance, practice our manual of arms, convene in friendly competition to demonstrate firearm proficiency, eat grilled meat and engage in the ritual contemplation of our manliness.  Oh sure, our numbers may be too small for a parade.  And you would probably not want to witness our singing.  Nevertheless, it is our Fest and we are proud to continue the tradition.

The crew began trickling-in today and we begin the festivities with the all-glorious Packers meeting Arizona on the field of play tonight. 

Stop back here periodically for updates.  Between Friday afternoon and Monday morning the blog will feature new entries every so often with pictures and commentary.   Maybe even a guest post.

Talk to you soon.

Tom (das schützenkönig)

Friday - 19 August - 9 PM

Grilled wings, tossed with Crystal Wing Sauce from Metarie, LA.  Picked eggs, pickled fish, head cheese, smoked pheasant and refreshing adult beverages.

Arizona is up - 20 to14.

Saturday - 20  August - 12:30 PM

Girlfriend woke everyone up fairly early this morning.  Coffee on the porch followed by breakfast. The first order of business was to  finish-up any deer stand maintenance.  This stand was pretty beat-up by storms following last year so  it got a major overhaul. New rails all-around and two new benches.

The guys engineered it in such a way that you can nap comfortably and not fall fifteen feet to the creek below.

They have christened it:  The Park Bench Stand.

I have to go now.  I  hear gunfire.

Saturday - 20  August - 4:00 PM

What a beautiful afternoon. Scattered clouds and 74 degrees.  A half-dozen racks of baby back ribs have been smoking low and slow on a couple of Webers.  Been  working our way through any number of long  guns - including Jimbo's Thompson smoke pole.  Between the BBQ and the shooting there's smoke everywhere.



Saturday - 20  August - 10:30 PM

The ribs (lovingly rubbed with Lawyer's dry Memphis rub) spent five hours plus on the Webers.  Cooked indirectly with Cowboy Charcoal and soaked mesquite chunks. - low and slow.  The final hour we sauced them with a mustard-based Carolina BBQ sauce and Speed Queen mild. Just for good measure we threw the last bag of chicken wings on the grill.

These ribs were the bomb. Falling-off the bone done to perfection.


Sides included potato salad. slaw and cucumber salad.  Courtesy of the garden.  Yum!

Tomorrow after breakfast I believe there will be sporting clays.

Sunday - 21  August - 12:30 PM

New Guy was up before anybody else today and assembled a noteworthy breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy.  He claims that when you are on a streak with pork in your diet you don't change it up.

Back to the range for a post-breakfast round of clays.


All the weaponry has been stowed and secured.  Spent brass and shot shells policed and the house cleaned.  The fellas actually clean-up pretty good - dishes washed, garbage bagged, dog hair vacuumed.  Even the porcelain shines.  As I tap this out the guys have left and it's just me and Girlfriend. It is actually kind of lonely now so I suppose I should busy myself in the garden.

I might be mistaken but I think there is a hint of autumn in the air.  That means fall hunting is right around the corner. 

Good times.


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