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The Garden Chronicles - The Tomato Avalanche

Backyard Homesteading, Gardening, The Best Bloody Marys In Tosa, Tomatoes

I was reading the news over at The Mothership yesterday and noticed that there was coverage of the 5th Annual Tomato Romp, Tomato Fight and Best Bloody Mary competition on Saturday.

What a profligate waste of tomatoes. 

I sure hope they were truly rotten.  If we cannot eat them now, or give them away, all of my tomatoes are destined for processing into juice or sauce. 

I should also mention that I have no rotten tomatoes.  I had a handful of less-than-aesthetically-pleasing tomatoes - but they can still be processed into juice or sauce.

Ask the boys and they'll tell you that the foundation upon-which the best Bloody Mary is is built is my homemade juice.  Furthermore, it must be topped with garden pickles and dilled green beans.  Maybe even a Weasel Peter.

The last couple of nights on the farm it has gotten down to 36 and 35 degrees - and my tomato plants are beginning to show some signs of stress.  Basically wilted leaves.

I picked almost every last vine-ripened or close to vine-ripe fruit that I could yesterday.


With some luck Old Jack Frost will visit elsewhere and there will be more to pick this week.

Best crop of tomatoes in memory!

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