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Kittens In the Bullpen

Hello Kitty Backpacks, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Strange But True

How about those Brewers?

I consider myself blessed this year.  Every game I've attended has ended in a Brewer's win.  Furthermore, while attending the Dodgers game last month I witnessed up-close and personal a real, live triple play.  First time in my life.  How cool is that?  With only six plays like that in franchise history I may be looking at a lengthy dry spell before I witness another.

And then there's last night.  I got more than a little nervous about Pittsburgh playing good, solid baseball by putting runners on the bases consistently.  All the while the Brew Crew was relying on slugging the ball out of the park to bring home a win.  Nevertheless, to witness Prince Fielder complete his first league game with three homers was a sight to see.


It was also the first time I sat next to a bullpen.  The Pirates' bullpen to be exact.  It's interesting to watch the pitchers warm-up.  Very ritualistic, interrupted occasionally to watch someone else at-bat.  And very interrupted when they start running thin on relievers.

In the process of all of this Jill pointed-out the sweet little pink backpack in the Pittsburgh bullpen.  There it is.  Upper-left corner next to the orange cooler. 

What do you think that's all about? - She asks.

To which I replied - You mean the Hello Kitty backpack over there?  I saw that earlier.  Probably belongs to some player's daughter who made him bring it to the game with his stuff.

Jill is more observant than I am and pointed out that there were any number of sweet, adorable, pink, Hello Kitty backpacks scattered about the opposing team's bullpen.  Which - of course - was occupied by any number of tough, athletic, pinch-between-the-cheek-and-gum, MLB players.

It's a conundrum for sure but I think we got the answer.

Any guesses?

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