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Is flipping the bird really illegal?

Sheriff Clarke, Flipping the bird, Wisconsin legislature, obscure laws

With the Wisconsin State Legislature busily creating more laws about things like school curricula and preventing the use of tech school IDs for voting, I worry about my ability to keep up with all the things that are forbidden to me.

Not that I spend a lot of time breaking laws, short of the occasional illegal U-turn. On the whole, I like to be a law abiding citizen.

I didn't know, for example, that it was against the law to raise the middle finger while driving. I no longer do this, having grown very calm and self-actualized in my old age (and having learned not to listen to adreneline-raising talk radio while driving).

Oh, I know it's not a good idea, especially with everyone now excitedly carrying their shiny new concealed weapons.

But I worry that what I don't know will hurt me.

Suppose you are eating a hot dog, which apparently is legal though way more dangerous and really, really messy, while driving. Can you hold up the hot dog and let the other driver make of it what he will? Nasty gesture or invitation for lunch--who knows?

We've all heard about the woman who had the temerity to flip off Sheriff  David Clarke. I understand the ticket for driving with a suspended license. But for a raised finger?

I suspect there's a special, secret set of laws known only to him about Disrespecting the DC. But maybe they should be published somewhere.

While we are at it, is it illegal to stick out your tongue while driving? At everyone or just  at law officers?

What other finger signals are illegal? Only ones recognized as "English"? Or multilingual ones? I assume the ones that require two hands would be discouraged on account of they are both dangerous while driving and really graphic.

Help us all out: share the obscure laws we might not know about.

And the ones you think our legislators should be writing, while you're at it.

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