Howling At The Moon

Published on: 12/10/2011

Took the last part of the week off and headed north to do some late season deer hunting.  New Guy, Brau and Timothy Leary are here at camp.  The blonde dog too.  There's a crock pot of venison stroganoff bubbling on the counter top, a fire in the wood burner, everyone has showered  and the cocktail hour joking has commenced.  One last stab at another deer tomorrow morning. It's the last hurrah before surgery. 

We've a pack of coyotes yipping and howling around here lately.  Found some of their scat only a football throw from the house.  It's gotten Sister all spooked.  When the sun sets her switch gets flipped to hyper-vigilant mode.

Nevertheless, everyone has a laid-back and relaxed feeling after getting wind-burned and partially froze.  To top-off the general feeling of well-being SinissippiGal emailed these awesome pictures of the partial lunar eclipse from earlier today. 

Today's eclipse was forecast to be the last of its kind until April of 2014.

Life is good.

Photos - SinissippiGal