Wauwatosa Catholic School

Wauwatosa Catholic will be the first Catholic International Baccalaureate K3 to 8th grade school in this area. It is a new school opening in the fall of 2011, sponsored by St. Pius X and St. Bernard Parishes. This blog will update the community on its newest school. Visit www.wauwatosacatholic.org for more information.

Students Reflect on Wauwatosa Catholic School during Catholic Schools' Week~ Una Parte

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Fourth grade students reflected recently about attending WCS.  (This is part one.)  All are welcome to schedule an appointment for a tour during Catholic Schools' Week or any time.  Come celebrate with us at Mass on Wednesday, February 1!  414-258-9977... ask to speak with Kathy.

Not all schools teach about God, but only this school really helped me understand it all.  Now I have let go of some fears because (Wauwatosa Catholic) helped my faith in God grow.  I am more confident and knowing how any people are interested in coming here, I feel lucky I am a part of this school.  We learn in fun ways, and creating memorable projects helps me remember all I have learned.  We don’t sit there and write and write and write and get bored.  Being a student here means I can improve my skills and grow.  ~Sophia


To me, being a student at Wauwatosa Catholic means a new beginning for a new student.  Teachers care about me and I have new challenges to make me grow.  ~ Carlos


Going to Wauwatosa Catholic means that I learn how to be an I.B. student.  The IB Learner Profile teaches me how to be an inquirer, knowledgeable, a thinker, a communicator, principled, open-minded, caring, a risk-taker, balanced, and reflective.  They give us an idea how to act and every month there is a certain profile that we learn about and we write about.  ~Sydney


We learn things in such creative ways.  We use a lot of technology to learn.  Combined with our special classes of art, physical education, music, and Spanish, there is so much we learn.  ~Ryan


This school gives me so many opportunities to learn and do special things.  We go on field trips and do fun projects in school.  Our teacher is kind and fun.  ~Colleen.


This school rocks.  We are one school and we are a Catholic community; we are like one big happy family and we are all here to help each other learn and work together.  The students here are nice to each other and going here is fun.  ~ Jessica

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