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Real American Hero

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Give it some thought and it's not all that difficult to compile a list a American heroes.  John Paul Jones, Theodore Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Wilbur and Orville Wright all come to mind.  For sure my hero list would include John Glenn. 

As a youngster the American space program captivated me.  I consumed anything and everything I could lay my hands upon about NASA, Project Mercury, the Gemini and Apollo programs. I was allowed to stay home and watch on television Alan Shepard's  launch and recovery. Today is the fiftieth anniversary of America's launch of a manned spacecraft to successfully orbit the earth.  It was piloted by a Marine Corps aviator hailing from a small town in Ohio.

I was a bit bummed about the Soviet Union kicking our space butt about that time and John Glenn's successful foray into space provided a welcome lift to American spirits.  If you were following the space program that is.  Glenn's Mercury capsule went on tour in the year that followed and when Friendship 7 arrived in Milwaukee dad took me to see it driven down Wisconsin Avenue on the back of a flat bed trailer.  No astronaut - just the space capsule.  On a recent visit to the National Air and Space Museum I visited with Friendship 7 again.  The hero's spaceship.

In the ensuring years Glenn went on to spend 24 years in the United States Senate and in 1998 was a crew member on a shuttle Discovery mission.  The first American to orbit the earth - at 77 years of age - became the oldest American in space. 

Fighter pilot, two-time astronaut and Senator.  John Glenn is 90 years old and still holds a valid pilots license. 

Real American hero. 

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