Introductions All Around

Well, hello!

Welcome to the first post on my blog. My bio tells you a little bit about me, and if you're familiar with Wauwatosa (and why wouldn't you be, if you're on WauwatosaNOW's site!), you're aware of the Underwood Parkway, school, and neighborhood. My 'hood. Hence, my blog title.

I am a long-time resident of Wauwatosa, with a couple years here and there in other suburbs (they were cheap to live in and I was poor - what can I say?). I was born and raised in East Tosa, and cashiering at Drew's Variety store helped pay my way through college.

My husband Nick and I are new residents of West Tosa. This move to the other side of Highway 100 has been a big deal for both of us, but we are coping... and actually really enjoying ourselves! Who knew this land without sidewalks could contain such friendly people?

Yesterday morning we went to vote at Underwood Elementary. I was pretty fired-up to vote, so that was already bringing up the excitement level. But an added bonus to the experience was that we got a better idea of who our neighbors are. I must say, I like what I'm seeing! We have moved into quite the activist district; that line was long. It has been such a pleasure going through this inroductory phase in our new neighborhood. We're very glad to have stayed in this city.

Arts and cuilture is my field of work and interest. Wauwatosa has such a wealth of these things to offer! And the atmosphere is growing more welcoming of the arts every day. I am looking forward to exploring local music/arts news and events through this blog.

Now, go enjoy the rest of your week :-)

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