Excuse Me While I Wax Poetic

Warning: This entry may make many of you think, even say out loud, "duh, Allison... get with it. That's old news."

I'm more and more proud to be a Wauwatosa resident, with each passing week; as though I'm experiencing some sort of hometown epiphany.

It was not much before recent history when I would evacuate Wauwatosa for downtown Milwaukee/Riverwest/Bay View every weekend. But things are changing, my friends. Oh how they are changing.

For example, my last couple weekends have included (but not limited themselves to) the following:

  • a delicious dinner at Le Reve (I've not been to many places with better restaurant music)
  • a visit to the Wauwatosa Farmer's Market
  • brunch at Cafe Hollander - yeah, buckwheat pancakes!
  • attending the Highland Games at Hart Park - those bagpipes were a-rockin'!
  • attending Grecian Fest, and for the first time, checking out the gorgeous mosaics and interior of Saints Constantine & Helen church
  • a stop to Metcalfe's Sentry on Sunday - while in the parking lot I heard live music coming from Hart Park - I proceeded to get angry at myself for not knowing what was going on and missing out on the fun

I may or may not have this secret goal to get out and do more in the city I live in, with potential for a visit to Milwaukee every now and then (when I'm feeling up for the drive...). But really - have we always had this much going on, this number of great places to dine at, this much live music to hear in Wauwatosa? I may (or may not) be seeking things out purposely, but at the same time, there seems to always be something fabulous going on. Whether I know it or not.

It does not take long to have weekend plans get booked-up by, well, Wauwatosa. I gotta say, I don't mind.

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