Music in the Air - Good Thing or Bad?


Just a question, purely to survey local minds: do you enjoy, not have an opinion, or get annoyed by your neighbors' music?

I'm talkin' any kind of music - radio or live.

I am out and about on walks with my dog quite a bit, and have identified drum practice coming from two neighborhood homes... it's fantastic! I love hearing the sound of musicians practicing. Sometimes I just want to pick up my French horn and take it to a park and play. But I'm also new to the neighborhood, and am in the business of making friends.

I've held a rehearsal (wind quintet, i.e. classical/chamber music) at our home, with windows open because of the heat - I'm hoping we didn't disturb anyone, rehearsing until around 9pm. (No one came over to complain, but that never means anything!) I open the windows when piano students are in for lessons - could that get annoying?

The unknown neighborhood drummers inspired me to write this. I enjoy and encourage music in the air. But in Wauwatosa, our homes are not exactly far apart from each other. Do people get bothered by these things? If so, at what point does the line get crossed?

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