Out in the "Country"


When we moved over to the west side of Tosa earlier this year, from over yonder out east, we knew it would be a bit of a culture shock, per se. Many people have referred to our new neighborhood as "out in the country," "the boonies," etc. My response is usually "you call being in walking distance of Highway 100 being 'out in the country?'"

The thing that has indeed taken the most getting used to has been not having sidewalks. In general, the west side of Wauwatosa is not very pedestrian-friendly. This is not to say that the folks living out here are not friendly to pedestrians; it is the streets themselves. No sidewalks, no crosswalks, sometimes if you're lucky you'll get a walk signal at a stoplight.

This has become more of an issue as I've been running through the area. To the credit of local residents, I have yet to be honked at for running in the wrong place (usually unaware), too close to cars, or in the way of cars because the stoplights I do try to use don't allow enough time for pedestrians to cross. Most drivers seem aware, and understand. And I thank you/them for that.

Over on the east side of Tosa, it's almost too pedestrian-friendly in some spots - it is difficult to be a driver in certain areas. Over here in the "boonies," quite the opposite.

I may have lost the purpose of this post in the process of rambling on here... I guess this is my way of venting about not feeling particularly comfortable as a runner/pedestrian in the area - you could say I'm still "getting used to things." I also do thank neighbors for being alert while driving.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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