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Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat

Politics, Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat

What I'd find interesting is if Mr. Gas Pains, who I believe to be an old school Republican without a party these days, is planning to vote for Romney and support the party as it has evolved ?

Or, will he stay at home....or will he actually cast a vote for the Democrat !

I'd imagine you'll dodge this question and like a seasoned politician answer it without answering it....but, sometimes people can be surprising.

If you actually answer it I think that would be very telling as to where this election will go.

I'm still on the record as saying Obama will win, and he will even get the quiet support of quite a few people who would never tell you they voted for him.

Business owners are doing well these days, look at the stock market and business profit levels. Big business is making a killing. Hardly a big reason for a change.

Posted August 29 over at the Tosa Town Square by someone using the handle Prodigal Son.

I've been thinking about that post and I'll hazard a stab at it with some things I've had running through my head of late.  I'll add to it as we get closer to the election.

Today's Republican Party is not the party of my father.  It's not the party of Ronald Reagan either.  I think the party has pitched a small tent occupied by a few people bent-upon a strategy - not of constructive problem solving - but engaged in the pursuit of a strategy of obstruction and exploitation. 

I think they'll ride that wagon until the wheels fall off.

How about that Romney campaign?  Anybody besides me think they've lost their way.  There has been a glaring lack of specificity and detail regarding what a Romney/Ryan Whitehouse would do differently from the current occupant.  Each week now seems to bring another distraction to an already moribund campaign. 

I was listening to a Romney speech the other day and his focus was the pledge of allegiance and 'keeping God in government'.  Sheesh.  Save that nonsense for the base.  If you want my vote give me policy specifics.

Same for Congressman Ryan.  I listened to his town hall meeting the other day.  He was whipping-up the crowd with red meat about thrift, balanced budgets, profligate government spending and how we were destined to become another Greece.  It's hard to take a guy seriously after he and the rest of his pals in congress put a couple of wars, Medicare Part D, tax cuts and much more on the country's credit card.  Dontcha think?

About American business.  Last time I looked corporate America is lean and fit and sporting a healthy balance sheet.  And corporate America is positively hungering for Washington to deliver permanency.  Corporate America isn't going to hire or invest until Congress delivers meaningful tax reform and gets serious about slowing the growth of the debt.  Corporate America wants deeds not rhetoric.

Unfortunately for business, the economy and the rest of us I think that the Tea Party element in Congress is more intent on delivering another fight over the debt ceiling after which they'll drive the bus off the fiscal cliff.  Moody's has already signaled a rating down grade if certain elements in Congress throw another tantrum.  

So I expect the Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot.  I don't know if this pattern of self-inflicted wounding is a coping mechanism that offers temporary relief from a sense of failure, low self-esteem, some sort of bizarre perfectionism or Speaker Boehner's inability to lead.  It's really quite disappointing. 

And predictable.

Will I vote for Romney?  Romney doesn't scare me like he does others.  Besides Obama, he's the only other guy to have signed into law an individual health insurance mandate.  Even though he gives hard-right conservatives fits his campaign hasn't gotten me particularly excited either.  I think they're more focused upon keeping the Republican base interested than appealing to moderates and undecided voters.  But I'm willing to wait until after the debates.  Fingers crossed for specifics.  If the election were held today Obama would win. 

Forty-nine more days to go...

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