10 Days in Tosa

Published on: 9/19/2012

I don't recall hearing about the first annual Ten Days in Tosa Dining Experience, so when I read about it this year, I made sure to get out and try it.

The husband and I are big fans of Milwaukee's Downtown Dining week, and have discovered some good restaurants through that promotion (we always make sure to try new places). This was also the case with 10 Days in Tosa.

Being regulars of the Tosa restaurant scene, we'd already been to most restaurants that were taking part in the 10 Days. But we had not been to Cafe Perrin (although is that really in Wauwatosa? It is in the Washington Heights neighborhood...) or Jimmy's Island Grill and Iguana Bar, attached to the Radisson by Mayfair.

I think it's safe to say we enjoyed both places. The food at Cafe Perrin was fantastic! You certainly get a lot for your money there. But, a recommendation - to them and others that did the same thing - offer a vegetarian option for this 10 Days in Tosa deal. For their 10 Days special, a hamburger meal was their only option. There was even a note saying no substitutions. As we were debating whether we should try another place out instead, the waitress kindly checked with the kitchen to find out whether I could have the black bean burger instead. Thankfully, they made the switch for me! It was a very enjoyable dinner (loved the artichoke dip!).

Jimmy's was a very pleasant experience as well. We stopped in for lunch. Decent food (veggie options!), and a great bar area. It's always nice to know where the good local sports bars are in town. Yes, it's a hotel bar, but I could see us visiting when we want to go out and watch a big game. Lots of TVs :-)

Overall, our 10 Days in Tosa experience was very good. I hope the Tosa Chamber feels it was a success - I'd love to try it again next year.