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The PB&PB Sandwich

Dangerous Kitchen Experiments, Food, Just For Fun, Pickled Beets

As I tapped-out this post my initial idea was to regale you with a short historical time-line detailing the evolution of the sandwich.  That would be redundant because a very good job of it can already be found on the web.

So let's cut to the chase.  Before you recoil in horror - I am not going to describe how to assemble a sliced, cold boiled beef tongue with spicy German mustard on rye.  Instead I am going to detail the assembly of a sandwich that even the most ardent of vegans can get their hands around.


The Peanut Butter and Pickled Beet - PB&PB for short - sandwich.


1.  Toast two slices of the bread of your choice.  I prefer whole wheat.

2.  Slather a generous amount of the peanut butter of your choice on one of the slices. 

I recommend Smucker's Natural Chunky.  The only ingredients are peanuts and a wee bit of salt.  Don't bother with the low fat stuff.           Blech. 

Since not all bread loaves are perfectly symmetrical make sure your slices are mirror opposites.  That way the edges of your bread will align perfectly

3.  Place sliced pickled beets on the opposite slice of bread.  You can drain them on paper towels if you want.  I prefer my own homemade, organically-raised pickled beets.  Nevertheless, there's plenty of variety at the store in the pickle isle.

4.  Place the slice with the peanut butter face-down over the slice with the beets.  Cut on the diagonal into four triangular pieces. 

By now my Labs are drooling big puddles of dog slobber on the kitchen floor.  Better to cut one of the triangles again in-two for you know who.

5.  Ask the dogs to go into a down-stay while you munch three-quarters of your sandwich.  A glass of cold moo or a bold red wine is an appropriate accompaniment.

6.  After the plate goes into the sink give the dogs their treat for waiting politely and release them.

7. Step carefully around the pools of slobber upon exiting the kitchen.

There isn't a sandwich more elegant in its simplicity or as complex in the fusion of sensory inputs. 

It is - in a word - sublime.

If you have a favorite feel free to share...

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