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There are a million different outdoor concerts one can find in, well, warm Wisconsin weather. As our temps drop, we head indoors for our entertainment. Milwaukee of course has some great indoor concert halls. But what about Wauwatosa?

Have you heard about Schwan Hall in Tosa, a part of Wisconsin Lutheran College? It is still a relatively-new facility and extremely nice performance experience - for artists and audiences alike. Besides hosting school performances and other community groups, they have their own artist series. They bring in some excellent entertainment options!

As I was looking through their website the other day, considering which event(s) I may stop in to attend, it occured to me that Schwan Hall itself is something to talk about - I don't believe most people know much about it. So, I contacted Loni Boyd with the WLC arts department, and she answered some questions... you'll find them below this beautiful photo of the interior of the hall:

Schwann Concert Hall

When and why was it built?

The Schwan Concert Hall was built in 1996 with the construction of the Center for Arts and Performance on the campus of Wisconsin Lutheran College.

It was built as the main auditorium space for the student body at the time.  It was also intended as the primary performance space for the college choir and band as well as student recitals and other student activities and performances.  In addition to the student activities, we also present a series of professional artists in our Guest Artist Series that come to us from around the globe offering a variety of experiences from world music to classical to pops and contemporary artists.  The variety is virtually endless.  We also present professional touring Children’s Theatre groups as part of our Schooltime Programs.


How many does it seat? 

The total capacity of the hall is 388.  It is smaller than many auditoriums, but that makes it a more intimate space and there is literally not a bad seat in the house!


What acoustic attributes does it have?

The hall has amazing acoustics.  The stage design acts as a choir shell  and the clouds above the stage allow the sound from the stage to fill the entire space.  Amplification is usually not necessary for choirs and bands that perform on our stage. Many of the professional artists who have graced our stage have commented that it is one of the best halls they have ever performed in for its acoustics.  These are artists who have travelled for years  and performed in some of the most noteworthy concert halls around the United States and the world.


How many shows occur in the hall each year?

Currently we hold about 70 public events per year in the Schwan Concert Hall.  This includes the performances of the WLC band and choir, music recitals given by our students and faculty, rental groups, other campus events, Schooltime programs, and Guest Artist performances.  Most of these events take place between September through May.


Any other information?

Check out the link to our season brochure here:

Visit us on the web at

We have online ticketing on the web which allows you to choose your own seats to any of our ticketed performances.  Or if you prefer to talk to a live person, we have a fully staffed Box Office that is opened Monday through Friday from 10AM to 4PM.

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