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My husband and I have seen some good local community theater over the last few years - mostly due to knowing an actor or two in the shows. Waukesha Civic Theatre, Menomonee Falls Players, and just this past weekend the Hartford Players.

As we were driving back home from a delightful performance of To Kill a Mockingbird in Hartford, we got into a discussion about Wauwatosa community theater. Is there a local theater group in Tosa? Is there a playhouse that we don't know about? Could we have both lived in Wauwatosa for decades and not known the answers to these questions?

I looked up the answer tonight: of course, The Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa!

As soon as I saw the name come up in my search, I recalled seeing publicity for their shows. But to this day I have not known much about them. It looks as though they do most performances at Christ King School, where 92nd St. (Swan) intersects with Center. So, I'm assuming that Tosa does not have some secret stage we didn't know about... that is too bad!

They have a decent line-up of performances - I wish I'd been paying better attention to posters in the coffee shops! The next performance, in December, will be of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. December is a crazy time for musicians, I've got a number of performances to be involved with myself - but the show looks super cute. If I miss that one, I'll really have to make sure to see the Princess and the Pea.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has seen any of their productions. How are they? Man... I feel so silly about not knowing much about this group! Maybe some readers could get me up to speed, maybe you even know something about the history of the group.

Well, now I know what exists in local theater... and hopefully so do you :-)

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