First Timer at the Women's Club

Published on: 11/5/2012

Despite living in Tosa for most of my life, I had never once been inside the Wauwatosa Women's Club until this last weekend. The quintet I play with was there to provide some light music for an art auction/benefit for a local private school.

What a beautiful site! I had no idea! I'm still getting over how nice the place is - and how often I'd passed by that building on 76th and Milwaukee Ave. without a clue about what was inside.

They've got a great set-up for musicians, with a nice stage and grand piano available for use.

There are so many rooms, so many more than it appears that it might have from an outside glance. Click here for a photo tour of the building.

Also, there is a nicely outlined history page that tells about the orgins of the Women's Club and more information about the building.

Weddings and other special events are a big part of what they do, it seems. If you have neer been inside, at least check out their photo gallery and website. I hope to get in there to visit again some time soon!