There are still balls to attend? Even locally?


On Thursdays when I read through the Wauwatosa NOW section of the paper, I like to peruse the Weekly Planner and Things to Do sections. Often I am surprised by some of the activities happening in our area - who knew we had this going on in Wauwatosa?

The one that caught my attention today was the Fancy Dress Ball, happening on the 12th Night of Christmas (this Saturday). I thought this was particular fun to learn about because I've been a part of some Vienese balls in the area, and in fact just played in a chamber orchestra for one held in Pewaukee back in November. The conversation that often comes up at these types of things is "where can you even go to dance at a ball these days?"

In the last decade or so, basically around the time the "Dancing with the Stars"-esque shows came out, ballroom dancing has experienced a bit of a resurgence. People look for balls to dress up for and dance at, but because of how much money and time it takes to put them on, there are usually not many to find.

This is no Viennese Ball, mind you. Civil war era? There you go. I enjoyed reading on their informational pamphlet the "please, no historical characters or themes after 1863" part. They mean business! But, that is really what makes the event fun.

Just wanted to highlight the fact that these types of events are very few and far-between. Yet, there is one being held in our town. Good for you, Wauwatosa!

P.S. The downside to planning any sort of event in Wisconsin at this time of year is that you potentially may run into a bowl game or Packer play-off game being scheduled at the same time as the function you've spent the last year planning. Suddenly, interest wanes and ticket sales stop happening. In those cases, such as the night this ball is happening, word really needs to get out.The charity is what suffers when this happens; in this case, the Veteran Affairs' Spinal Cord Injury Center.

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