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I have mentioned it before with regards to Ruby Tap, but this time it applies to Arté: as a former Drews' Variety Store employee (worked there part-time for probably about seven years, through high school and college) it is just so cool to see what the former variety store building is being used for now! Never ever would I have guessed businesses as much fun and hip as Ruby Tap, Yo Mama, now Arté would go in there.

This last weekend some friends got us in to Arté with a Groupon. It is a surprisingly big place, in what would have been the lower level "craft department" of Drews. Big groups of people may come in and learn how to paint a specific picture together, or small groups may stop in and work on individual projects. Along with your palette of paint one might also consider some additional reds or whites - the vino, of course! An excellent pairing, if ever there was one. They also serve soft drinks and beer (art and drafts, if you will).

There are a variety of paintings you may choose from to paint (trees, flowers, a margarita), which have specific directions to follow. Or, be a free spirit - come up with your own! There are a number of sizes of canvasses to work with, also.

We had a great time at Arté. I can't recall the last time I wore a paint smock... I'm guessing some time in the 80's? It's an ideal place for a girls' night out, date night, or mom's birthday/Mother's Day.

I would love to show you a photo of the art I created. But let's just say Arté can give you wine, not talent :-) Seriously, though, if you haven't been there, do check it out!

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