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Lovescaping the Eschweilers: a Valentine for what you love

Eschweiler buildings, Milwaukee County Grounds, Valentines

In Wheeling, Ohio, young preservationists are showing their love for old buildings by adorning them with Valentine's hearts and messages of love.

"The heart-makers hope that other members of the community will view their handiwork, think about the significance of the structures and formulate ways to rescue endangered or unappreciated buildings."

What a great idea. And while it's late for an organized effort, what about a "flash mob" or steady stream of individual action to show love for the Eschweiler buildings? It might be harder to get to them now, as the machines of progress are busy about the land, digging holes behind the meandering ribbons of plastic fence that mark their territory. But where there's a will, there's a way.

Or what about Valentines along the parkways? Love them before they become throughways for powerlines.

Sometimes, random acts of beauty or frivolity feel like all that's left to us.

Of course, because we are good midwesterners and citizens, we should be prepared come back in a few days to retrieve our handiwork. Love doesn't lead to desecration or even  litter.

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