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Another day, red ribbon day?

Eschweiler buildings, Milwaukee County Grounds, development, Valentine's day

Although the response to my suggestion that we lovescape the Eschweilers with Valentines was underwhelming, by which I mean nonexistent, I am compelled to continue tilting at windmills and development zeal.

So I headed out to the County Grounds to plot my route of Valentine delivery. Alas, while it still is possible to get to the buildings, you'd now have to climb over a more rigid fence or slip through the gap. Let's hope the rest of the construction is better than that.

And while a little fence has never stopped me before, I'm certainly not going to suggest others be so eager and foolish.

Besides, you have to walk about a mile over rough ice rivers and slushy hills to get there. Even with ice-fishing worthy cleats, it was dangerous. The dog was sliding, for goodness sake.

But that fence would look pretty with red bows tied on it.

Too late and too inclement for today, but if anyone's interested we could plan another day. Love isn't limited to one Hallmark card day, after all.

And here's my Valentine's Day love song for all the heavy hearted and thwarted-feeling environmentalists, dog parkers, and preservationists: keep on keeping on, no matter how many the miles.

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