Tosa Women's Club Needs More Parking

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 I'll try to keep this short and sweet. 

I read this article a couple weeks ago, and have been meaning to respond. If the Wauwatosa Women's Club wants to be any sort of community center, it has got to find more parking. I was disappointed to read that the neighbors of the club are so opposed. And I was surprised to read that the club only hosts 24 rental events each year. 

If you have ever been inside the building, you know what a gorgeous facility it is. It is very versatile - I happened to be playing their with a chamber ensemble I am a part of, for an art auction (great stage, by the way!). This was a rental event. I'm aware that wedding receptions occur there, as well as other private events. 

What I learned as a musician coming in for the event was that I need to spend significantly more time bulking up at the Wiscosin Athletic Club if I ever want to load things in to the Tosa Women's Club again. Not only did I have to park a number of blocks away, but in doing so I really only wanted to make one trip in with my things, so very awkwardly struggled along with my instrument, music stand, and over-sized bag of music while in concert dress. I don't think I've ever had to walk that far for a gig. 

Next time I'll have to hire a roadie to carry my French horn (can I bill the city for that?). I can only imagine what older visitors to the club experience. 

It is such a great building that could have so much potential for our community - if we allowed it to. Come on, people - help us help you. 

Oh, and by the way - my husband and I are both long-time Tosa residents. When we got married a couple years back we held our reception at the Elm Grove Women's Club. They have an excellent parking situation there. 

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