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8 reasons your weight loss plan doesn't work

Wauwatosa Chiropractor, Dr Jeff Grosskopf, Epic Life Chiropractic

Here is my list of the top 8 reasons why you’re stuck with your workouts and weight loss. Many of the conventional thoughts on weight loss are wrong…eat grains, do cardio…not gonna work. These eight reasons will challenge your beliefs on weight loss but I’ll bet they get you the results you’re looking for. In fact, if you’re reading this it’s likely your old way of doing things isn’t working so why not try a new approach.

Why your workouts aren’t working

1. You workout too much. That’s right. Studies show people who train 1-2x a week see better results than those who train 3-5 times a week.

2. You’re doing long cardio sessions. Long cardio sessions are less effective than short (I mean 5 minutes) of high intensity cardio.

3. Your cardio sessions are causing chronic inflammation and muscle loss both of which will slow your muscles ability to burn fat.

4. Your eating grains. Humans aren’t meant to eat grain. Whole grain is worse in many regards. Grain equals fat storage. That’s why farmers feed cow’s grain.

5. You don’t weight train. Your metabolism is slower because you’re literally losing muscle as an adult. Lift some weights.

6. You don’t eat enough fat. Fat is good. All fat (except trans fat.) You’re body needs saturated fat and cholesterol to make hormones, muscles, and function the way it’s meant to.

7. You eat too often. Try eating all your calories once a day or split between two meals.

8. You’re workouts never change or increase intensity. Why would your body change if it’s adapted to your workouts already?

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