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Why ADHD needs Chiropractic care

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These are typically test results we get when scanning the nervous system of a child with ADHD. Normal would be represented by ‘white bars.’ The green, blue, and red are stress on the nervous system. ADHD children lack proper stimulation to their brain. That's why they can't sit still...movement stimulates the brain. That is also why MDs prescribed stimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin. Most parents don't know that these drugs are 'schedule 2 controlled substances' the same as drugs like cocaine and morphine...highly addictive. Giving a child stimulants works short term but once the stimulant wears off the child will need more. Chiropractic care has been so effective because it helps restore neural processing between the brain and body. We've seen multiple kids get great results. There are several studies showing how children are able to get off the medications for good. It's also more affordable being that the it produces results and saves on the cost of medications. 

Classic history of children with ADHD we see in our office:
- Stressful pregnancy
- C-section, forceps, difficult delivery
- Chronic infections, ear, nose, throat
- Multiple rounds of antibiotics
- High grain and dairy diet


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