A Quintet You Should Know About - We Love Tosa!


I've mentioned my quintet on this blog before, but usually it is just that - a mention. 

Today I thought I'd tell you a little more about this ensemble. First off, Avec Le Bois Woodwind Quintet (ALB) loves Tosa! We've played a couple fun gigs here, and a few of us are pretty connected to this town, too. I personally live and teach private piano and French horn lessons in Tosa. Our clarinetist is a music teacher in Tosa schools, and our bassoonist works in Tosa (and lives on the edge of Milwaukee, blocks from Tosa - we consider her one of us, really!). We make sure to hold our "business meetings" at such places as Ruby Tap, Cafe Hollander, etc.

We love the people here, and particularly the arts scene in Wauwatosa. Below is a picture from one of our holiday gigs, when we played at Mayfair Mall... holiday ambience! 

A woodwind quintet is comprised of a flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet and French horn player (yes, I am the lone brass in the woodwind quintet - don't make me try to explain this). Although this is a pretty standard ensemble in classical/chamber music, there aren't a ton of active woodwind quintets around. If you've heard a string quartet before, you'll understand the style. Like a string quartet, we play music appropriate for weddings, art festivals, corporate parties, etc. It is just a totally different - and stll lovely - kind of sound!

On our website we've got a few recordings, amongst other things. We're really just hoping to get our name out into the community. We love Tosa - and although we of course don't mind taking gigs in Oconomowoc, Horicon, etc. we sure would love to call Tosa our home. 


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