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There's No Place Like Home

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It is good to be home.

I like to travel.  In my life I've been privileged to have visited - or traveled through - all of the Canadian provinces, and all of the continental United States.  Hawaii and Alaska remain on the bucket list.  Jill and I have a national park and monument passport with date stamps chronicling visits to some of this country's most hallowed battlefields and stunning parks and monuments.  For me you can add an additional ten countries.  Shoot - that's a better international pedigree than some people who aspire to be the President.  But I digress.

Most of my travel has been over the road.  Good old fashioned road tripping which for many decades constituted marathon two week camping trips covering thousands of miles.

With age and the demands of the farm the camping has slowed but the road trip remains a staple.  With the grandkids living on the gulf coast there is at least one opportunity per year to hit the open road.

And after turkey hunting in the snow a couple of weeks ago the notion of warmer weather had a certain appeal.  

One vehicle with a full tank of petrol.  A cooler of cold drinks along with sandwiches and snacks.  Carefully packed were gifts and trade goods including a box of homegrown canned goods from the garden, a selection of Renard's cheeses and cheese spreads, clover honey, unusual jams and jelly, Secret Stadium Sauce, Door County cherries, wild game sausage and much more.  And for good luck - one blonde Lab.

After Breakfast at the Underwoods yesterday with son-in-law and his dad we hit the road for home.  With a round trip of 2316 miles - and averaging 32 MPG - it feels good to be back in Tosa.  Our booty and treasure includes gulf seafood like soft shell crab and speckled trout.  Yummy smoked sausage that can only be found in the deep south.  Pecans and gumbo base.  And two cases of Yuengling Lager beer - my private stash that I shall protect from plunder at the hands of my thirsty buddies.  And for good luck - one blonde Lab.           

It was 84 degrees at departure and 48 degrees at arrival.  There's no place like home.

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Check back for additional posts this week and next featuring some roadside curiosities.

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