Hitting Home - Mayfair Piano Tunes On the Way Out

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Reading through today's WauwatosaNOW section in the paper I was pleasantly surprised to run across a photo of my high school principal Mr. Bahr with some of his children; him sitting at the grand piano at Mayfair Mall - a gig he became quite renown for. To my unpleasant surprise, the article was about how the piano tunes in Mayfair's food court are coming to a close. Here's the story, to read for yourself

No more piano music at the mall is sad for a number of reasons. First, in my mind, it's been one of the long-standing good qualities about the mall - you could count on walking in to the building around lunchtime and hearing live, welcoming, familiar music from almost anywhere in the main corridor of the mall itself. Mayfair has certainly had its share of ups and downs over the years... But listening to the ivory keys being played by local, upstanding citizens such as a high school principal seemed to make the negatives about the mall seem more forgettable. 

It also gave the food court personality; charisma, you might say. Now, it does sound as though there will be other entertainment coming in to the mall instead. TBD is whether it will be as endearing as the piano music that wafted through the shopping center for so many years.

Lastly, I'm just disappointed for Mr. Bahr's sake. He was a beloved principal, yes - but beyond that, he was and is a great entertainer. And after 17 years of entertaining at the mall, he gets an e-mail saying he will be done playing there? A little insensitive, Mayfair. 

Good luck, Mr. Bahr. Your former students will miss having your music to look forward to on our visits to the mall. 

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