Potholes and Cyclists


Just a brief PSA for those of us who ride our bikes around the area:

We live in a community that really has started encouraging bicycling. Bike lanes and sharrows are popping up everywhere!

You know what else has been popping up everywhere? Potholes. But this of course is old news to those of us from the area. 

Parkways and other less-traveled roads (by cars) that tend to get more bike traffic seem to get forgotten - or at least put off - when it comes to road maintenance. I'm not complaining about that, I know the priority needs to be on highly-trafficked roads (but someday, hopefully those others...!). 

What I'd like to remind drivers of is that it can be dangerous for cyclists to ride through potholes. Often said potholes are on the far right sides of lanes, where we are obligated to ride. Sometimes we have no choice but to veer out farther into the roads. If you're in a vehicle behind a bike doing this, please be patient. We're doing our best. 

Yesterday I was out on the Root River Parkway near Greenfield Park (although it's not Tosa, I know there are similar issues in our neck of the woods). Road conditions were very rough, and I'm sure I was in the way of some drivers. Thankfully none of them felt the need to tell me that... But I'm sure a couple wanted to! 

When possible cyclists change their routes. But it's not always a great option. 

Thank you, in advance, for working with us on this!

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