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Open a School - Save the Eschweilers

The University Laboratory School, Save the Eschweilers, Innovation Campus, Public Charter Schools, STEM Education, Environmental and Historic Preservation

It has been awhile since I've visited this topic.  Recently there have been two major developments that call for a revisitation and an update.

The first big development is the Forest Exploration Center has spun-off The University Laboratory School as an independent non-profit entity.  This distinct separation between the Forest Exploration Center (FEC) and The University Laboratory School (TULS) clears-up any ambiguity and supports both institutions in focusing upon their unique missions and purpose. 

The FEC will concentrate its efforts on the 67 acre forest located on the County Grounds and allow TULS to exert its efforts on fundraising and opening a regional public charter school in the historic Eschweiler buildings on the Innovation Campus.  Both organizations will continue with a collaborative partnership.  TULS embracing sustainable forestry in its project-based learning programs, the FEC's Forest Education Badge System and programing school activities on the FEC forest.

TULS is a regional charter school authorized by UW-Milwaukee.  This is not a private school and has absolutely nothing to do with privatizing education.  TULS is a public school.  Curriculum is project-based and will focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The second big development is a proposed operational agreement has been reached with the Wauwatosa School District.  After months of discussion this operating agreement does the following:

  • Provides new educational opportunities for students
  • Provides unique STEM-focused enrichment programming for Wauwatosa School District students
  • Enhances professional development opportunities for Wauwatosa School District faculty
  • Ensures no negative revenue impact to the Wauwatosa School District
  • Promotes environmental sustainability and responsibility in the region
  • Moves forward with plans to repurpose and save the historic Eschweiler buildings
  • Contributes to the economic value of UWM Innovation Campus and economic growth in Wauwatosa

On so very many levels this is the best of all possible outcomes and alternatives.  And only one remaining task is at hand.

Next Monday, June 9, the Wauwatosa School Board will discuss the proposed operating agreement between the District and TULS.  Approval of this operating agreement is required in order for TULS to move forward with opening its school in the Eschweiler buildings on the Innovation Campus.

As a member of the founding board of TULS I'd ask that you consider supporting this effort to open a school and save the Eschweilers.

Sign the Open Letter of Support.  I encourage you to go to this link and sign a letter of support that urges the Wauwatosa School Board to accept the operating agreement between TULS and WSD. 

Testify at a Public Hearing.  The public has the opportunity to offer testimony at the meeting on July 9 at 7:00 PM at the Fisher Building, 12121 W. North Avenue.  

Contact the Wauwatosa School BoardGo to this link and take a moment to express your support for the project by phone or email.  Consider reaching out to Board President Mary Jo Randall at or 414-476-8222.

Spread the Word.  Take a moment to share this information with your friends and neighbors. 

The proposed operating agreement represents a win for the Wauwatosa schools, a win for students in Wauwatosa and throughout the region, a win for environmental and historic preservation and a win for economic development.  This is the best of all possible outcomes.

Need more info?   Contact Danny Goldberg, Founding Director, The University Laboratory School at or 414-218-4873.


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