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A Disturbance In The Force

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If any of my readers are political junkies like me the past week and a half has been like a Jesse Pinkman binge out of Breaking Bad.  It's like hitting the Mother lode.

First-off, you had the Obama administration's fumbling roll out of the prisoner exchange for the release of Bowe Bergdahl.  With all of the flap, the faux outrage, the finger-pointing, the deletion of tweets, the demands for hearings, inquiries and tribunals don't you think they would have thought ahead?  Seriously, this is a Teflon President who has stuff sticking to him like glue.  All of those highly paid advisers and you think they might have foregone the Rose Garden event with the parents.  And the dad with that crazy beard.

What were they thinking?

And then there was last night's news about Eric Cantor.  The very first House Majority Leader to lose a primary election.  If you read Nate Silver's website this was an event of seismic proportions. Listening to Cantor today you'd think he didn't see it coming. 

What was he thinking?

Nevertheless, the pièce de résistance was the tasty morsel served-up by my pal - Ted Cruz. He actually did the Princes and Potentates thing and renounced his claim to Candadian citizenship.  Don't take my word for it though.  Here's the actual certificat de répudiation de la citoyenneté canadienne.

It has occurred to me that when he and his Tea Party pals shut down the government, blow-up the debt ceiling and send the economy and financial markets into a tailspin in 2016 he just might regret this decision because he won't be able to flee the angry mobs of pitchfork-armed citizens for safety north of the border.

What was he thinking?

I think I've felt a disturbance in The Force...

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