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Born on the Fourth of July

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A couple of days ago the girls and I were out for a walk on the farm and the Labs stumbled upon a really humongous prize.

Tipping the scales at maybe seven pounds and only as long as the length of my forearm it wasn't precisely humongous.  Nevertheless it was a spectacular start to the day. An absolutely, brand-spanking-new, new-born deer.  As a matter of fact it hadn't even completely dried-out following its birthing.  Until now this old hunter has yet to witness as fresh a start as this,  And I have to hand it to the dogs. They demonstrated remarkable restraint and didn't disturb this new-born deer beyond giving it a cursory sniff.  They've lived-up to their training. 

Leave it!  Good dog!

It isn't unheard-of but it is a bit rarer for a whitetail deer to be born on or about the fourth of July.  And this youngster was just birthed. Unable to stand on its own it gave the Labs a couple of feeble bleats before we beat it out of Dodge.

Newborn deer are largely scent-free - affording them a mechanism of defense against predators   As evidence of this I offer up the fact that my hunting dogs spied this deer not by scent - but by visual means.  

For a spell, mama will even remain apart from the fawn's hiding place so as not to impart her scent to the newborn.

As near as I can figure if this gangly little fawn can make it for another week it stands a good chance of surviving to adulthood.

Bon chance!

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