Post Town Hall Debate ! Alert Tosa Homeowners !

Hello, I want to start by thanking everyone who might stumble across this blog.....ok, i'm diving into the blog world, ready or not here I come.  I join  all of you ready to speak my mind and hopefully have a spirited and honest debate about local Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and Federal Politics and  dabble in the Real Estate and Economic Market here in the Milwaukee area. My first impression, before listening to all the pundits is that McCain  hit a home run tonight.  I think the talking heads on Fox and CNN will debate all night who "won" but when it comes down to the nitty  

gritty....McCain delivered.   Obama usually does much better.   I felt after the first debate that McCain lost.....I didn't change my vote or position,

but I felt Obama delivered.   On the VP Debate.....Palin won....because she connected with real people.  Biden's responses were "Classically  Washingtonian".  Tonight McCain delivered a clear win!  I hope it ties up this race.McCain and Palin will be holding another Town Hall event in  Waukesha this Thursday.  I think it is great that they are coming back to town and talking directly to people in the Town Hall is  refreshing!   If you want to attend, send me an email and I will see if there are any tickets left so that you can attend.   As a profession, I am a  Realtor.......Obama along with the radical left and Mr. Franklin Raines, CEO of Fannie Mae (who is under federal investigation for his practices) were  the engineers of these sub prime loans that are hurting our real estate market.  Raines happens to be one of Obama's top economic advisors who brought in a salary of $50 million last year.  Sub prime Foreclosures can kill a market, neighborhood, subdivision.  It takes money out of

responsible homeowner’s pockets because these radicals like Raines/Obama  pray on those people who are working towards homeownership

but may not be ready to take on the financial responsibility .  Home ownership is earned and respected by those who work hard for it. We need to

vote to protect that. Tosa residents need to keep our home values strong and taxes low during this challenging economic time.  When it comes to

the issue of Home Values and our Real Estate Market.  The choice should be clear to people in Wauwatosa.  Reject the subprime radical

Raines/Obama plan for our Real Estate Market. 

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