ACORN: A Conspiracy Obama Really Needs?

"Hello, my name is Joseph Scroggins and I passed away in 1992.  But In 2008 I registered to vote with Frank Walton of the Milwaukee Community Voters Project! "  (

Yes, it really happened !  It's happening with thousands of false names around Wisconsin and other Battleground States.

Does this disgust anyone other than me? Why are Liberal Democrats turning a blind eye? Is it because they benefit?

Milwaukee Journal reported tonight what is being reported in every major city in every major battleground state...that Liberal Voter Organizations ACORN and Milwaukee's own "Community Voters Project"  that are Obama/Biden funded organizations have been caught illegally registering voters and attempting to get them to vote early before they get 'caught'.  They even brought in the tattered Massachusetts Liberal John Kerry to Milwaukee today to personally take them to the polls and show them how to vote.  Yikes ! Do I live in a Third World....State? I read about this stuff in places like Haiti or Zimbabwe not here.

Today a man 'Frank Walton' a hired worker for Milwaukee "Community Voters Project" from Oak Creek is being prosecuted for falsifying 54 registrations.  FIFTY FOUR ! (That is almost as many states as Senator Obama has visited(  

Other than Mr.Walton there 49 other workers alone that are currently being considered for prosecution....that doesn't even count the ones we haven't caught yet ! Who can know how many they attempted to register?  How many people does it take to fill hundreds of buses from Chicago to come to Wauwatosa or Milwaukee? (

Our neighbor to the north - Canada, had national elections today.  As a matter of fact I am watching the results right now. It seems that the Canadians will be re-electing a Pro-American President in Steven Harper.  I can only wish we can elect the same. 

While reading Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's website today, one of the top articles of this morning :  DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR IDENTIFICATION TO THE POLLS. 

How simple of a concept ! When will Wisconsin get with it?

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