The 'Hope' Lock Drop Box !

I, as always will attempt to take the position on this blog from the viewpoint of our community = Wauwatosa.

It should be easily agreed upon that the majority of Tosan's are 'successful' and 'hardworking' citizens who for the most part are proud and take good care of the community as a whole.   We have a good police department, beautiful well maintained homes on character bound streets tree lined with unique and diverse families.  We have the strength of things like: Mayfair Mall and a strong commercial backing as well as a solid housing stock and well perceived school district amongst our peers.  (sarcasm begins)  These things really haven't been earned....they just fell upon us because we are lucky haves.

Would you or would you not categorize us here in 'Tosa' as the lucky haves?  Based on this notion, I think it is about time we take some of our hard earned money and drop it in the newly created 'Hope Lock Drop Box' located at the Wauwatosa Post Office and make it addressed to "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT" Attn: Obama/Biden so that our ' have not friends ' can have some fun and live a good life also.  So, don't plan on eating at Cheesecake or Maggianos for the rest of the year and tell Billy that the laptop might need to wait until next year....its about time you did something for the greater good of our fellow 'have not friends'. 

So, everyone here in Tosa, if you make more than $150,000+ a year, statements will arrive demanding $4,000 to be dropped off at the Hope Lock Drop Box..  You will be allowed to make a $3,800 deduction on this amount if you are: "Currently a Being Prosecuted for Voter Fraud/ACORN or belong to any of our endorsed Labor Unions".  Of course this deduction can only be administered with a Photo ID with any registered Presidential HOPE Community Organizer.  Please be sure to include your address and personal information on the check or money cash please...this could lead to fraud.  Please note that there may be other 'out of nowhere' requests for the 'have nots' in other special places the new President feels might need : HOPE SPREAD YOUR WEALTH: help... If they want anything we will be calling on you again shortly.

Everyone who earns $100,000+ a year, We demand for you seal in an envelope $2,750

Everyone who earns $75,000+ a year, We demand for you to seal in an envelope $2,250

Everyone who earns $40,000+ a year, We demand for you to seal in an envelope $2,000

*If you do not drop this amount off by Friday you will be fined a daily amount of $25.00 per week. All fines will be tripled if you haven't officially signed up for: "YES WE WILL-Wait in Line Longer Socialized Gov't Healthy Wisconsin" which is your newly FREE nationalized health coverage.  

Once all the HOPE money is collected we will send these checks accordingly to our 'have not' friends...who need it...more than you do...for cell phones.

Because you plan to work for more career earned income in the near future you can be sure we will ask for your HOPE-SPREAD YOUR WEALTH contribution again very soon.  Don't worry... this plan has been endorsed and approved by: Oprah, Barbara Streisand, Nancy Pelosi, Jim Doyle and Matt Damon (people who truly know the plight of the have nots) (Sarcasm Ends)While I was working this week I heard that our POTENTIAL next President (Obama) told a plumber on TV....while being he is going to take more of the career-earned money that my fellow residents here in Tosa earn and spread it around to all of his little special places he thinks need it.  Sorry Robin Hood....this isn’t Disney World.  I hope.....scratch that....wish that some of these Tosans with their Obama signs would be a little embarrassed by these hooligan they know? I am amazed!  I worry VERY STRONGLY for a win in 2 weeks.  

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