State of the Election - Part I - Infomercial Night

For those of you interested in the analytical side of the election you will be interested in this blog.  If you aren't , this will probably bore you! (Part 2 of this blog will post on Monday Nov 3rd, with any updates on predictions)

As a former political strategist and campaigner I analyze the polls and news daily.   At this point I have some election predictions:
From the Cloud Level Federally:
Obama/Biden will win the Presidency 287 EV to 251EV :  The Dems will Fall short of a Super Majority in the US Senate :  The Dems will gain approx 30 some seats in the House

From the Cloud Level Statewide:
The Republicans will gain 1 seat in the Senate but the Dems will still control the Senate by 1 seat : The GOP will loose 1 assembly seat and hold onto Majority by 2 seats.

Ok: Here are my Predictions as of today : McCain will surprise the pollsters by winning North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, North Dakota and Indiana handily.  McCain will win one state by surprise : Minnesota

Obama will win : Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico & New Hampshire all by very small margins

US SEN:  Dems will pickup seats in Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Virginia and successfully protect Louisiana.   GOP will barely hold on to North Carolina, Oregon & Minnesota.   The Dems will fall short of a super majority that will allow the largest shift left politically in decades.  The GOP will still have filibuster potential..... thank god !

WI State Sen:  Dems will loose the seat up north formerly held by Sen.Breske which will increase the GOP to 16 Seats but still leave them in the minority.  The GOP looks to successfully defend Sen.Darling, Kapanke and hold onto Oshkosh Senate District.

WI State Assem: The GOP will loose one Madison suburb district and will gain a seat up north.  The Dems will most likely gain an additional seat and Wood's defection to independent will leave the GOP with a slim one to two seat majority for Republicans in Wisconsin.

* BTW - "Mr. Already thinks he is President" has his late night style infomercial on tonight.....I am sure it will be as worth as much as those useless tools and workout equipment that usually sells on these things.   I think Mr.Obama should answer tonight why he proposed a toast to another terrorist hack....Khalidi, Ayers, Rev.Wright, Rev.Louis Farrakhan..... I would be willing to give any politician a pass on one international loser or local terror monger just by mistake, this Obama guy seems to be friends with all of them.  No wonder he wants to sit and chit chat with Chavez and his friends for his pretty facebook page !   

Over and Out - Hopefully better news on Monday !    Polls are shifting more to the GOP as of the last week.  If those numbers continue I hope to report better predictions !  

PS: To you Dems who are so excited for your Hollywood sponsored Government :  This will be like waiting in line for that cool new roller coaster that ends up sucking !  Good Luck !  Why don't you stay home and watch Soaps or something? you are going to win anyways :) hahah

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