State of the Election Part II - Predictions - Socialist Attempt at a Trifecta

Before my predictions: I Just want to mention one additional thing about Mr. His Majesty King and Leader Barry H.Obama. Today he mentioned during his hopeful unity rally that he would like to destroy the American Coal Industry and assist in helping it go bankrupt when he is President - He wants to destroy an economy huge for Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Ohio.  Watch this gaffe cost him BIG TIME ! ....."that one" wants to start ripping up our already fragile economy.   Resist these attacks on our economy. Vote for protection, security and steadiness - MCCAIN !


McCain wins in a squeaker - he will surprise NBC/CBS/CNN/USSR & ABC by winning NC, MO, FL, OH, VA, IN, CO & NV - Will probably loose PA (watch for the TV Guru's to potentially call the election at this point for Obama) . This prediction is based on the tracking polls showing McCain gaining or tied in each.
Obama will loose because of today's gaffe and the fact 7 - 9% of Indep. & Undec. Voters will heavily sway to McCain giving him small margin wins in all of the key battleground states.  It will not give him enough to win Wisconsin but still may give him enough to pull a surprise upset in Minnesota where latest tracking shows McCain only several points behind Obama.   There is a strong chance McCain wins the Electoral Vote and loses the Popular Vote.  If this happens watch the Dems scream bloody murder !

Key Victories Nationwide for McCain in order will be :  Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia

If Obama wins Indiana early, turn the TV's off.....the Halloween Nightmare has come true.   Also watch New Hampshire, If McCain can hold his own and possibly pull off a victory it could be tough night for Obama.

Virginia is the true bellweather this election - It will be close.  Veterans will help McCain hold this state and keep it in the Red Column on Tuesday.

The election in Wisconsin will again be a joke...potentially more votes cast than actual voters in the City of Milwaukee and a larger than expected margin for Obama. The Dems are likely to win here.  Watch Tosa be very close with McCain edging out Obama by less than 500 votes here in the City.

The Dems will be upset by falling short of the 60 plus seats needed for the complete Socialist Trifecta of Presidency, Senate and House. The Dems will be victorious in ousting Stevens in Alaska & Smith in Oregon and will pickup key seats in New Mexico and Colorado.   The Republicans may surprise by picking up a seat in Louisiana but latest tracking polls show that to be unlikely.

The Dems will pickup a fair amount of Congressional Seats putting thier total just above 250 seats. They will loose several key seats as well.

In Wisconsin :State Senate:  You will see the GOP pickup one seat up north formerly held by Sen.Breske and you will see the GOP successfully defend Darling & Kapanke.  The Dems will hold onto an even slimmer majority.

The Dems will fall short of Majority in the State Assembly by just a few seats but will score a major victory in the Madison Suburbs by picking up Eugene Hahn's formerly held seat.

Please !  DEEPLY consider who you are voting for on Tuesday.  Don't make a mistake !   See you next week !

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