Presidential 2008 Election Wrap-Up !

Bottom Line - over 75% my election predictions were incorrect ! Sorry, that sucked ! Usually I am much more on the ball.  I am usually hitting over 75% of the elections correctly.  I guess I will blame it on my disbelief in the polls.  

The one I hit on the head was the US House of Representatives where the GOP picked up a flurry of seats to hold the Dems just slightly better than a 250 majority going into the next Congress.

The Democrats now have total governing control.  It is in their hands now.  All we can do is sit back and watch and interact and try to live with what they decide.  Here in Wisconsin there is no filibuster ability so the Democrats have a clear path to implement at their pleasure for at least the next two years.  The Republicans do not even have a seat at the table.  The best chance the Republicans have is to make noise with the media and hope that the public listens to the debate.

Even though the 2008 election is over there are several key items that we should watch over the next several weeks.

1:  Minnesota US Senate - Norm Coleman-R-incumbent vs. Al Franken-D-challenger.  This race is within several hundred votes with the Republican Coleman holding a slight lead.  Watch this one to potentially be decided in court.  As usual the Democrats are waving magic wands and creating votes out of mid-air.  I hope the GOP is stocked heavy with lawyers ready to challenge these hand recounts that Minnesota is in the process of completing. If they need any volunteers, I would be happy to head up there and help.  Isn't it strange that we opt for humans counting as a backup to computerized counting?  I think humans are much more likely to create an error than a calculator.  Watch this one to come down to the wire.  I am hopeful that Coleman ( a good moderate GOP'er ) holds onto this seat.  He has represented the state well and has been one of the few noble voices in the US Senate.  To replace him with some SNL 'has been' is almost laughable. 

2: Georgia US Senate - Saxby Chambliss- R- incumbent vs. James Martin-D-challenger:  In Georgia  the victor must attain a minimum of 50% of the vote.  Chambliss fell literally several dozen votes short of a 50% victory.  This will cause a December run-off.  Watch Georgia to become the first post 2008 election to test the feel of the nations direction.  If the Republicans hold this seat, let it serve to be a reminder to Obama that a left direction is not what the people want, especially in the contemporary South.  If the Democrat Martin creates a turn-around and wins, it would be a green-light to the left leaning elected government to go full speed with : Nationalized Health Care, Increases in Taxes and additional Government Involvement in everyday business.  Watch every major DC political activist to be in Georgia over the next month campaigning for a victory.  If Chambliss wins with greater than 50%, I think it may be viewed as a repudiation of the Obama victory and more centrist request from the voters.

3: Cabinet Announcements: Watch Obama to begin announcing cabinet positions.  Many of his appointments may create political openings and special elections throughout the nation.  These races will serve to be public indicators of the public response to Obama's beginning. I am sure by next week there will be several of these potential appointments to discuss. Talk is that Gov.Doyle could be one of those appointments.  I don't know whats worse.....Lawton becoming Governor or keeping Doyle here in Wisconsin?

4: Wisconsin Legislature Leadership Elections:  At this point, no surprises:  Decker re-elected Democratic Senate Leader which will almost guarantee an increase in the Hospital Tax (Decker's pet tax that he couldn't get passed last session).  Richards is likely to become the Democratic Assembly Leader, he represents the lower eastside of Milwaukee.  I guess the best way to describe Richards is that he adequately represents the most liberal district in the Milwaukee Metro area.  Its safe to assume an all out assault on business and suburbanites from the Democrat controlled State Assembly under the control of Richards. 

Republicans elected Fitzgerald the leader of the Minority in the Assembly.  Tosa's own Vukmir lost out to Gottlieb-R-Grafton as 2nd in line, this is unfortunate since Vukmir is extremely qualified and a excellent spokesperson for the Wisconsin Republicans and rising star.  With Fitzgerald and Gottlieb in control of the minority of the Assembly look for a political intellectual group representing the Republicans but not necessarily the team that could potentially get the Republicans back into the majority.  This is unfortunate, but the decisions have been made.

Until Next week... hold onto your wallets and work and cash in as quickly as you can - times are a changing, and the taxman is on his way ! 

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