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Valentine's or Single Awareness Day?

Valentine's Day

In Wauwatosa, 40% of men and 50% of women over 15 are single. Which means that a lot of people are not particularly looking forward to February 14.

I'm a big fan of romance. It reminds you that you are very much alive and desired by someone whose desire you return.  That's the best case, anyway.

Valentine’s Day, not so much.

Some have renamed the holiday “Singles Awareness Day.”  If you are not coupled and don’t know that the ark is not for you, you’ll find out on Valentine’s Day.  But I wasn't crazy about Valentine's Day even before  I reentered the singles category.

The Hallmark sentiments, obligatory box of candy (dandy, but as Ogden Nash pointed out, liquor’s quicker), blush-worthy lingerie, Journey diamond pendants, and ubiquitous red roses seem to be more about driving the economy than driving love.

The “show me you love me” obligation doesn’t come cheap: last year, the average amount spent on Valentine’s gifts was $120.

Even zoos have cashed in on Valentine’s Day. For about $100, you and your date can get a glass of champagne and a voyeur’s tour of the sex lives of critters at the Tampa, San Francisco, and Boise zoos. Manatee love is particularly unfettered, apparently, and everyone wants to get a peek at the ardent male whale.

This Valentine’s Day, I plan to relish my fortune in having many people to love. My children. Wonderful friends. Mom and sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews, more. The people I work with. People in my church community and this one.

And for no particular reason except that I saw the movie Waitress and I know that this year’s Interfaith Older Adult fundraiser, Pearls of Wisdom, will feature Bart and Cherry Starr, I’ve decided to create a Valentine’s recipe, the Bart and Cherry Tart. It will have Door County cherries, of course, and chocolate. The rest, including what I'll be wearing under the apron, I’m not sure.

If it’s good, I’ll  share.  The recipe, that is.


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